About Us

SHAKO started in 2018 as an opportunity to offer local, B2B full service automation and machine design in Orange County and Southern California. With extensive experience designing and manufacturing equipment in the Medical Device, Aerospace, and Defense industries, it became apparent that Engineering solutions were in high demand and could be offered at more competitive prices by leveraging new technology.  

We offer one-on-one personal communication, technical experience and in-house fabrication of equipment with each project.  Staying up to date on modern technology and finding exciting ways to apply it to a client's unique project is at the core of what we do. 

Test & Build Facility

Constantly expanding fabrication and prototype shop.  Supporting projects with custom component prototyping and small batch fabrication.  Acceptance test development, data collection, analysis and reporting.  Machining capabilities for a variety of materials.

Justin Pratt

Founder and Principal Engineer



Interests Outside of Work

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